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Merlo is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company, with exclusively private capital for the production of high technology machines. It is an established entrepreneurial Group, which can claim a front row position on the entire world markets and is the international point of reference when talking about telehandlers.


Goldoni was founded upon the traditions of the land in which the vines of Modena take root and this is the basis on which the enterprise has developed its core-business: in-depth knowledge about the sector in which it works and the utmost respect for agriculture. The company manufactures specialized 4WD, equal wheel, utility vehicles and motocultivators.

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SCR operates in the foiled of cow intelligence by empowering the farmers with the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow.  The company enables smarter production, more sustainable practices, and more successful farmers.


BeachTech is a specialist company with highly durable and effective technology for cleaning beaches for relaxation, sunbathing, dreaming and games for the children.  

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Pellenc, founded in 1973, through its dynamic innovation policy aimed at opening up new technological paths and offering innovative and ever more efficient products, specializes in the filed of viticulture, vintage, wine and arboriculture.

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Pichon is active on the agricultural machinery market since 1970 manufacturing and selling slurry tankers. Its custom-built solutions is the company’s strong point where every tanker is designed to strictly met he user’s specifications. 


Sicma is an integrated and flexible company offering the most suitable solutions for agricultural needs under the product categories of tillers, shredders, spaders, mowers, chippers and pellet machines.


Peruzzo, founded in 1959, is a manufacturer of machinery for agriculture and public parks, offering a full range of equipment for the treatment of professional green. It holds numerous patents and awards thanks to the continuous and constant research and product innovation.

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Time does not stand still. Certainly not at Eliet. That's why at ELIET our designers are already working now on tomorrow's machines. New prototypes are created in our own research and development department, ELIET CREATIVE LABTM, that will determine the future of the market.

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